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2004 USA National  Universal Siegerin
V- Manta vom Rheinland SchH3,IPO3,KKL1
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                      At vom Rheinland we strive to breed dogs  with high working                
                       abilities very important to us is also their  versatility .
                     Dogs that have overall , very good to excellent rated  structure                
                      along with good health and temperament .
                     Breeding for anything less , is not German Shepherd                               
                       breeding !         
Rheinländer's  are active partners , on the streets as a Police service dog ,at
airports and  goverment buildings as explosive search dogs, in a disaster area as a  
Search and Rescue Dog , on the sport field as Schutzhund and Ringsport dogs
,AKC competition dogs and in homes as family dogs .

We do not  breed for just show ribbons nor for crazy overdrive individuals that can
not be lived with . So if your looking for such a dog your in the wrong place .

If you are looking for a German Shepherd Dog  that is balanced ,confident ,smart
and has been bred to do just about any task ,  then you have come to the right
place .
breeder of
1998 North American Brevet Ringsport Champion
V- Byron vom Rheinland SchH3,HIC,Brevet,KKL1

    2007 National  HOT Schutzhund 1 Champion
 SG Xander vom Rheinland SchH3

2008 Regional SchH3 Champion
Ukon vom Rheinland SchH3,IPO3,AWD1

2011 IPO-FH National Champion and Regional Universal Champion
V- Ace vom Rheinland ,SchH3, FH2, IPO-FH, KKL1