V-Jago von der Bültenstiege SchH3,FH1,KKL1 X Dolly vom Lubus in Fabula SchH1,KKL2
SchH1 (291pts ),SchH2 (289 ) SchH3 (290 ) ,FH2 ,IPO-FH, KKL1
Current conformation rating ; V ( excellent )
OFA cert. fair

owner : Tracy Stowers, Woonsocket ,RI.
co-owner Pia Blackwell Plymouth,MA (breeder)
Tracy Stowers  Ace and Pia  after
Awesome Ace's completion of his first trial
high track- high obedience - high protection-high
SchH1 - High in trial
Ace , a  son of our former stud dog  Jago v. d. Bültenstiege.
Tracy and Ace are a very nice working team and we wish then well . Good Luck and much fun on  the
competition field !!

Ace and Tracy did it again!! Earning  a new title with a V -score WAY TO GO !

Awesome Ace did it again and this time  double the pleasure . He won the NE. FH Championship with 99pts
and also went on to be crowned Regional Universal Champion!
and again!! FH-IPO Champion at the Working Dog Championship 2011  

Ace to date has represented USA in 2 World FH Champioships ! Congratulations Tracy and Ace !

Ace is retired  from competition

2010 New England Regional Universal Sieger
2010 New England Regional FH Champion
2011  AWDF IPO-FH 2nd place
2011 WDC  IPO-FH Champion