Evan vom Rheinland
Eon vom Löwenhof SchH3,IPO3, KKL2  x Manta vom Rheinland SchH3 ,IPO3,KKL1
DOB. 03 .02.2007
SchH1 ( 287)
SchH2 (284)
SchH3  97 point protection
current rating  SG
owner /breeder /trainer Pia Blackwell

OFA " good"
Evan, has it all  ,health , excellent  drive,  strong confidence ,pigmentation and structure !!
An  excellent male . Balanced drive qualities ,high working desire , a tracking fool ,  in obedience he
shows much drive ,. In protection , fast strikes into the helper ,full and  hard grips noteworthy is his
countering of the helper and genetic balance of prey and aggression  paired with his eye catching
demeanor  off the field  has  gotten him much admiration from helpers ,trainers and working  judges
resulting  in many  inquires to purchase.

Trustworthy stable temperament in and out of the home  

Evan earned his SchH1  in Oct 2010  with 99- 94- 94 =287 (excellent)  High in trial  ,High track, High
SchH1. He earned his SchH2 June 2011  with 98-90-94 ( very good) High in trial ,hight track High
SchH2. He earned his SchH3 ,June 19 2011  73-80-97 .

Evan placed SG-5 !! at the 2008 Regional Conformation Champion Ship
evaluation : (dogs placed in front of him all out of show lines )
5th place male does not differ much from the quality of the dogs before him , an excellent representative of the
working line . He is medium large,medium strong, very good pigmented male ,very good head with a slight large
ears,very dark eyes, firm top line , good front very good rear angulation, shoulder placement is a little steep
.Shows very good step sequence and gaiting , the front reach could be a little freer.

VIDEOS of EVAN  click on underline links .

video beginning protection work                               Evan SchH1 presentation 2010
protection July.02.08
Hello Pia,

I have to tell you that I am VERY impressed with Eiko, Lisa Benner's puppy
from your last litter.  The whole group of us, and we've been at this for over
ten years now, are all impressed with his quality and working ethic.  He is a
PERFECT match for Lisa and she is very dedicated to his training.  She is
doing a great job with the foundation work.  Each time I see Eiko he is even
better looking that before.  Lisa and her family are very happy with him.
Eiko is very stable, outgoing and his grips are calm and full.  He is also
very focused on Lisa and has great food drive.

Looks like you have another very nice litter on the ground now from Eon and
Mandy!  I am very glad that you are breeding and have taken the time and
expense to do it well.  You are doing the german shepherd a GREAT
service here
in the states and I can't imagine why anyone would want to go out of the
country to get a high quality German shepherd when you are here!  
Thank you!


Debbie Dilley
Billings, MT
Eiko searching the blinds :)
Thank you to Betty Lindblom
for this beautiful collage