IPO3 ,KKL, LGA  HD-ZW 71               "a" normal  ED "normal"
Veus resides here at vom Rheinland in partnership with vom Smaragdwald ( Germany )
Veus, call name Vito is a  impressive male ,   with  solid  nerve , high stress tolerance and flawless temperament .

Veus ,earned his titles with high points  

IPO1  100-94-99 =293           IPO2   96-90-96=282                IPO3 98-87-97 = 282         

Noteworthy is also his structure , he stands 64 cm in height with a compact build , excellent bone,  pigment , substance and a large well proportioned head .

The quality of this male is  outstanding and dogs such as him are few .

Veus, will make an impact  in  the preservation of  the working ability, character and stability in the working German Shepherd Dog  and the  future of "vom Rheinland "

WE currently have Veus grandkids !!
V-  Gismo von der Schiffslache SchH3 (BSP) X  Nancy vom Smaragdwald SchH3
mention in the breed survey of Veus  by Herr Wolfgang Lauber SV breedjudge/breed survey master

V.Trockener und fester, ausdrucksvoller Rüde mit vorzüglicher Leistungsveranlagung.
VI. Geeignet zur Verbesserung der Mittelgröße und der Leistungsveranlagung.

V. dry and firm ,expressive male with excellent working attributes
Vl. suitable for improving the medium size and the working attributes .
imported January 2016