The "vom Rheinland " breeding program  

Today, the German Shepherd Dog is informally categorized into "Working Lines" vs. "Show lines"   human nature, has managed  to split the breed into
categories by breeding dogs to extremes some for conformation and color others for over the top  working drives so the dogs can only be handled or
trained by experts of the field   . It is my opinion that when a breeding program   leans strongly towards one side or the other the breed looses  many of his
desirable traits .

The American line German Shepherd is another EXTREME form of a German Shepherd version a dog so over angulated that young dogs and pups have to
walk on their hocks , over loaded front chest and a narrow head , function has been totally bred out of these lines :((

We choose to breed working line German Shepherds Dogs primarily out of west german working lines .
For the following reason .
A  good German Shepherd should have drive ,desire, nerves, and temperament to do its work well but in no way should this mean that the dog is hyper,
can't calm down, is incapable of being a family dog  or is unreliable , hectic or worse  unpredictable.  When a good balance is achieved by careful selection
of bloodlines and breeding stock the dog can and will  work on the streets, sport fields with high enthusiasm ,drive
and desire to work under it's handler direction. Come home and relax and play with the kids .
Many people have the notion that working line dogs are harder to live with.  I  strongly disagree!!  
I have worked and lived for many years with both lines. In the early to late 1980 one still could  find
a good percentage of  dogs out of "german show line " lineage and get a very good working dog
along with good nerve .
1998 Brevet Ringsport Champion V- rated Byron vom Rheinland ScHH3 ,HIC,Brevet ,KKL1  ,
This has changed drastically during the course of  the last 15 years !
High percentage of "show line dogs lack the nerve strength and self-confidence , have issues with strange
environment and sadly much less capable of  doing what the breed was intended for,
serve and work along mankind to achieve tasks that this breed is known and respected for throughout the world!!

Furthermore ,  the rear angulation of the German show line is becoming scary similar
to the American bred German Shepherd.  Dogs with to much rear angulation will loose their function of agility .
Angulation is necessary but over angulation is not functional . In my opinion the working line puppy vs the show line puppy have two distinct differences in
behaviors . working line pups are more out going,like to explore,run right up to strangers and  love to play! show line pups are more reserved have issues in
strange environment and rather stick to the side of their owner which is lack of confidence   . Keep in mind that my observations are by percentage of dogs
and experience in each line. NOT BY INDIVIDUAL ANIMALS . I also learned through  experience that the working lines are  healthier and hardier.

I opted to live work and base my breeding program on working line German Shepherds to maintain  what the breed was created  for by the founder of the
breed  Max von Stephaniz- who said  and I quote  
keep my breed a working dog as I worked all my live to achieve  that goal .

My breeding program started with west german conformation lines  however   to maintain a good percentage of workable and serviceable  dogs primarly out
of show lines was not to my satisfaction. Today, with a good line up of  dog's  with excellent and proven working bloodlines and my passion for the breed .
I  have reached a plateau in my breeding program I can be proud of .

Throughout my web pages you will notice dogs carrying the "vom Rheinland "name  working in different venues .Again the versatility of the breed is of up
most importance so dogs can keep serving mankind in all types of different service department and are not limited to one or two tasks ! In addition vom
Rheinland Dogs are very pleasing to the eye with very good overall structure ,expression ,pigment and strength.

With so many lines of work, such as Police  K-9, narcotic/explosive detection, guiding the blind, or special needs assistant dogs and also on the sport field  
there is always a  possibility, that the dog be exposed to something the handler/trainer did not prepare  for.  In such a case, the dog HAS to have nerve
strength to absorb and  overcome the new situation without departing the task at hand .In the home a dog must have good nerve in order to tolerate a child
stumping over it , kids running through the door with friends in tow ,a dog with good nerve and character can judge a situation .

Special mention in this paragraph to  Cole vom Rheinland  deployed to ground zero ,9-11-01 , a task no man or beast could have
prepared for !!

                         With a well-bred, stable and sound  German Shepherd, you can expect a dog   you can be proud of .                                                              
                                                                         Never dull or fragile in it's appearance

vom Rheinland  can provide you with a German Shepherd the way he was meant to be!! Loyal,intelligent,strong ,confident ,good
natured ,versatile and a pleasure to the eye  .

Pia M. Blackwell

vom Rheinland German Shepherds
Byron vom Rheinland
over angulation  
extreme over angulation
american line
very good -normal angulation
west german working line
Ace vom Rheinland
Andreas vom Rheinland
Service Dog