V-rated SchH3,IPO3,KKL1
G-Mex vom Bärenfang SchH3 KKL2 &  V-Eva vom Haus Bachfeld SchH1 ,KKL1

2004 Regional Universal Siegerin
3rd place at the 2004 New England Regional SchH3 Championship (281 points)
2004 USA-National Universal Siegerin

V -6 2004 Siegershow

High scoring in Trial High SchH1
High scoring in Trial High SchH3 ( High track ,high protection)
2010 Regional Veteran Siegerin

Mantas successful career

Within 10 weeks Manta achieved her SchH3 (270pts) .Came in 3rd at the New England Regional
SchH3 Championship (281 pts) , became the Regional Universal Champion. Achieved her IPO3 title  
with 267pts and was successfully shown in both the National Siegershow and the GSD-USA
Schutzhund 3 National Championship.

Manta is the first dog bred in the US of A to become USA National Universal Champion plus
she is breeder, owned , trained and handled !
Always pronounced courage and hardness always comes like a Rocket into the helper and
always V -rated in the working class.
Comment  from the  SV- Vice President  
Erich Orschler after the protection
phase at the 2004 Sieger Show
" Congratulations on breeding such a
very good female, excellent bitework  "
Comment from SV Lothar Quoll
at Manta's life time breed survey
excellent female, goes very strong and
fast into the helper . Congratulations on
such a good  female
Manta is our home bred legend . Excellent female inside and out her
bloodline will continue through her
son Evan vom Rheinland and granddaughter Panta vom Rheinland
Remarkable in his unswerving loyalty to his master ,
irrepressible in his high spirtis, never idle, always in
motion,good natured but not a flatterer, a constant
pleasure to the eye ."

Capt. Max von Stephanitz founder of the German
Shepherd Dog
Manta at 11 years old June 2010
Thank you to my friends Dee Clark of  Vorraus
photography  and Claudia Romard  for their help
capturing our girl
 She is,  a beat of my heart , a
spark of my spirit , a part of my
passion ,a piece of my life and for
eternity a part of me .
Pictured at 11 years of age