Dogs bred by vom Rheinland
thank you to the our puppy buyers for sending pictures of your Rheinländer
Hey Pia, Just wanted to let you know that Dagger is doing well and has been adjusting
well to family life. We could not have asked for a better family dog and then some. He is
totally a ladie's man, serving both my wife and daughter 1st. Thanks...Scott
We just LOVE Mia I couldnt even think of my life without her in. She is growing into an
awesome family dog. Thank you so much for EVERYTHING :)
I will send pictures soon :)

Pia Thank you so much for selling me BOTH of my incredible dog's, I am so pleased
with their temperament, there looks, their drive, and their desire to please me. I can't
wait to start showing and titling these two amazing dogs.
Xanti  and Arec vom Rheinland
Hi Pia..
Thank you for such a wonderful puppy.. Wyatt is really smart and has super drive!!
Jago sure is producing great puppies..
I will send more pic's as he grows and I hope to get started in Schutzhund again with
Thanks Again, Pia
Hello Pia not sure if you remember me you sold me Otto All I have to say is he is the
best dog in the world....I couldn't be happier with him..He is everything I wanted in a
dog and then some... Thank you again . I tell everyone about you and your dog's...
..Mike P.
I bought a beautiful, highly spirited 13 wk old female from you back in May named
Betty.  She is a wonderful dog with a great temperament.   A woman I know is
interested in buying a female puppy- from a good breeder; I recommended you!  
She is very impressed with little Betty and would like to find a puppy like
her(plush coat,german bred).  I have tried to pull up your website, but have been
unable to do so.  Do you have or are you expecting any puppies?  I think she is
interested in just the plush coat puppies.  I am going to give them your name and
email address.
Betty was renamed Anja  - after her great grandmother. I bring her to K-9
Performance in Reading MA for personal protection training.  She really enjoys
the bite-work!!
Thanks again for this well-bred,beautiful, intelligent female.
Carol N.
I can tell you this about Möchte:  She is very bright, intelligent and fast.  She will
do anything for a ball or anything that rolls.  Her tracking is really very nice and
her obedience is coming along quite nicely.  I was using food at the beginning
because she was too crazy for the ball but in the last 3 or 4 months I’ve switched
back to using the ball and what a difference!  
Looking forward to seeing you in the spring!


Yara and Xantor vom Rheinland
Daika vom Rheinland  aka Curragh
Here are some more pictures of Curragh. She will be a year in June can you believe it!!! Do you have any pictures
of her brothers orsisters I'm curious to see if any of them look like her.
I think she is a good mix of her mother and father but
she has the drive and personality of her father Mr.
Jago which is great, I think she looks a little morelike him,  do you?
She is the best thing we ever did,her temperament is a
joy and all I do is get compliments on how good looking she is.

owned and loved by the Fallon Family
I just wanted to share with everyone my experience with Pia Blackwell.  I contacted Pia via this website in regards to one of her litters.  
She responded to me with a phone call not just an email response.  She was interested in.  She was always in constant contact while
we were discussing this pup.  I was of course a little leery because I was considering purchasing a puppy site unseen.  I know this is a
huge no no because so many breeders are not always honest with you.  Pia was more than willing to take some current photos and a
short video...about 4 minutes of the pup so I could get an idea of how he moves and his personality.  Naturally, this took a couple of days
and Pia was in constant contact the entire time.  Always making me feel very comfortable about the decision I was going to make.
She represented this dog for exactly what he is.  She was 100% accurate on her description of his character, and personality.  She said
he had excellent drive and a super grip for being such a young dog.  I have never been to convinced when people have said this about
other pups, but I believed Pia.  When I picked this dog up from the airport he came right out of his kennel and greeted my wife and I.  This
was in the parking lot of the cargo area of our airport.  There were large trucks and forklifts everywhere.  My new pup (Iron) noticed a guy
loading his truck.  His head and ears immediately perked up and he stuck his little chest out and watched this guy.  Never barking or
growling, just watching.  Once the guy finished loading the truck Iron relaxed and came back to my wife and I.  Once we got home I took
him outside to do his business. He was on the plane for over 10 hours with no mess.  His little bladder must have been ready to pop
because the first thing he did was take  a long time to relieve himself. Once he was done we came inside and played with him.  He loves
the ball.  I have had an OB ball on a string for about 4 years, and none of my other dogs were ever interested in it.  Iron went and dug it out
of the toy box it was in and started playing with it.  He is a  mad man for his ball.
I just wanted to let everyone know that this is the first pup I have ever purchased in the US without seeing first.  I can honestly say I will be
getting another dog from Pia at some point down the line.  I would and  do recommend her to anyone looking for a pup.  She is very
knowledgeable and honest.  Something that is very rare to find.  
Shawn V.
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