vom Rheinland is a small hobby kennel  , established in 1994
with our foundation female V- Eva vom Haus Bachfeld SchH1 KKL1.
A female that was purchase as a pup and trained titled by Pia Blackwell

Eva is the dam of Service Dog Andreas vom Rheinland , North American Brevet Ringsport Champion
Byron vom Rheinland and Regional and National Universal Champion Manta vom Rheinland .

vom Rheinland is the first kennel in the USA
to produce a Brevet Ring Sport Champion  and
a National  Universal Champion.
Ein Hund, der Dir in deine  Hand gegeben ,
behüte ihn vor Leid und Schmerz.
Er hat so gut wie du ein Leben,
in seiner Brust schlägt auch ein Herz !

Du bist es der den Hund benützet,
bedenke es in jeder Stund.
In aller Not er Dich beschützet.
Dein guter treuer Schäferhund !
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Pia M. Blackwell (owner )
Plymouth, MA.USA

508-746-0492       cell 774-454-3214
The above poem was given to me by a senior breeder in
germany , he had it hanging on his wall  surrounded by his dogs
pictures. I was very taken by these words  and  as a gift he
presented me with an extra copy  which now hangs my  wall
surrounded by pictures of my German shepherds !!

You are free to copy the poem for your wall , my gift to you :)
BUT please do not copy and paste onto your personal websites
!!!  This is MY gift and to this day it means a lot to me !
I do not want it  added anywhere but on my page !!
copyright laws will be followed !!

Thank you for your understanding

Translation of the above poem  

a dog that was given into your hands,
shelter him from sorrow and pain.
He has a life just like you
In his chest  too,  beats a heart

You are the one that uses the dog
remember this in every hour
He will protect you from all harm

Your good and faithful German Shepherd Dog !
V- Eva Haus Bachfeld SchH1 KKL1 OFA "good

our breeding program started with this female  
20 years later  she still is a part of  our bloodline
Our grand daughter  Isabelle  with 2004 Universal Siegerin  Manta vom Rheinland
pictured here January 2009
PLEASE NOTE : Due to the fact we are just a small hobby kennel and not a business  . We kindly ask to call us
for an appointment to visit us and the dogs .  WE  recently had unannounced  visitors who left upset because
we informed them that they can not visit today .