Panta vom Rheinland

Panta's line comes through our original female V- Eva vom Haus Bachfeld SchH1 KKL1 ,HOT , when we first started breeding  in 1994 :) and  over  our home bred
USA-Universal Siegerin V-Manta vom Rheinland SchH3,IPO3,KKL1 & FCI World team member SG- Eon vom Lowenhof SchH3 ,IPO3 ,KKL2 .

Panta ,considers herself the Queen of the house ,she loves her human family with all her heart  her dog family is to bow to her and they are tolerated . She likes the cat and adores the
company of  children .

Panta's litter mates are , Pike vom Rheinland IPO3, AWDF FH Champion , -   Patton vom Rheinland BH-
Pax vom Rheinland PPS2,BH - Petra vom Rheinland IPO3 -  P-Kona vom Rheinland search and rescue
Pia vom Rheinland companion .

The P- litter vom Rheinland is again proof of the versatility in our dogs  litter mates working in various sport and also very important service work. Her bloodline we have had in this
kennel since the beginning and has proven over and over again , steady character with working ability for various tasks .

Panta very much resembles her grandmother
V- Manta vom Rheinland SchH3 IPO3,KKL1 some people say Manta is here to stay another lifetime :)

     pedigree link  
OFA hips  " good"  elbows normal, DM N/N
           SG- Evan vom Rheinland SchH3 KKL1  x   Britt vom Black Power  SchH1
3 out of the 4 males from Panta's  1st litter in  2014 ,at 6 weeks
Panta daughter Shilo at 4 weeks
Panta's sire  Evan vom Rheinland SchH3
and myself  
Panta's dam  Britt vom Black Power SchH1
Panta with pups and her kids