Man and dog working side by side
To take a "bite" out of crime.
A German Shepherd Dog true to his Breed
The way he was meant to be.

No trophies to display , no ribbons on the wall .
No podium placement of the highest tier,
No, blue ribbon Champion of the year.
Partners,  one with paws the other with feet
Dedicated to keep us safe while we  awake or asleep
So, next time you admire  a ribbon in blue.
Remember and honor the dogs serving the red, white and blue!!

by Pia M. Blackwell in dedication for all K-9 handlers and their dogs
Special mention to the handlers and their 'vom Rheinland dog's serving as Police K-9 's
Graf vom Rheinland                                                                Luger vom Rheinland
Tabor vom Rheinland
Unity vom Rheinland aka "Ruby "
Vigor vom Rheinland
Yury vom Rheinland aka "Ludwig "
Vadim vom Rheinland SWAT team  aka "Ruckes"
Justice vom Rheinland
Officer  Zmayefski and partner
K-9 Vigor vom Rheinland
Conneticut State Police
Officer Zuger and partner
K-9 Tabor vom Rheinland
Lebanon, New Hampshire PD
Bronson  aka Justice vom Rheinland and his partner Troy Casey where featured in K-9 Cop magazine
K-9 Luger vom Rheinland