Most qualities you see in an eight week old puppy will remain consistent throughout his/her life, but it is fact that
even so it is the trainer / owner is a important role  of the dogs genetic qualities .  We get to know our litters from
the minute they are born . It is of up most importance to us that our litters are well socialized including  different
species of animals  and get many hours of interaction with people and children throughout the entire eight weeks.
We  perform temperament and/or suitability testing on all of our pups in addition spending much time with the
pups  and observe their behavior and  individuality.
I test each individual pup on sensitivity level,self confidence, independence,  and search desire ,additional  
imprinting through our early  litter imprinting for tracking , a program I developed myself .

Potential puppy buyers are in close communication with me to ensure a good match .
Many years of selecting puppies for a purpose give me a good in sight on the potential of the individual pup. Training my own breeding stock
and having the opportunity to see one generation after the other gives me the valuable tool , to help you to pick a puppy that will grow up to
meet  your needs.  
All vom Rheinland  puppies will be placed accordantly , to match up with the homes that suit them based on their personality, the desired
requirements, as well as what function this dog destined to serve in the future.  While we will honor the buyer's wishes for gender preference, we
do not pick our puppies for working/service work by color or markings and advise color is  secondary  and should never take place over the
working potential of a pup.
We will consider your color preference , however  vom Rheinland German Shepherd are NOT bred for a set color pattern or shade of color!!
Throughout our web page you will notice 'vom Rheinland " dogs  in all acceptable colors within the breed standard . Many of our litters have 2
and sometimes 3 different colors in one litter  . It can happen that your preference for a male or female does not come in your color preference .

Males and  females are all priced  the same.
You will NOT pay more for your pup if you wish to have a future working or service dog
YOU will not pay less because you wish to have a companion dog .  We consider the work and planning we have dedicated  into each litter to
be a secure platform on which to be built up on.  However,  what the puppy ends up to be as an adult , also results from the environment,
exposures, and quality of training it receives from the time it goes to its new home.  
Here at vom Rheinland we do not believe to tag on a higher price because a puppy has the potential to achieve a working title or be a future
service dog .
Our breeding program is based on functional working and balanced  German Shepherd Dog and we do not charge more because we have
achieved a high number of pups with that potential.
After all much of this potential is what you as the owner /trainer make out of it , why charge a owner for wanting to achieve that what his/her dog
was bred to do :)
Makes no sense to me .

The same care in selection of service/working puppies goes into our selection for family companions.
Some puppies even though they have the same genetic influence do not show enough  overall potential to be selected as a future
working/service dog and therefore better suited for the  less active life style ,such as that of a family dog .
This does not make them of lesser value or quality . Family dogs also should be dogs with true German Shepherd character of
self -confidence ,nerve  and willingness to obey and follow their owners instructions.

vom Rheinland

All of our puppies  are on high quality food  before they are released have had  been on a worming schedule ,they are  health checked by a  
licensed veterinarian who also will administer their first vaccine . ( Many breeders give their own shots , I do not believe in given my own puppy
shots even as an former veterinarian assistant)
We will also gladly give you information to contact the veterinarian who looks over all of our dogs !

We will NOT sell any of our puppies or dogs  over pure Internet communication , you will never be able to push a BUY NOW payment option on
any of our dogs ! Many  sites do give the option of  credit card payment to place a deposit and /or  buy a puppy .

Personally I would  not buy my dog through such an option in fear it will come through a "puppy mill " kennel only concern is to get  $$$

I require potential owners of "vom Rheinland " puppies and dogs to visit us , if a visit is not possible talk  on the phone  so I can get a better feel
of each individual person/family .

Pia Blackwell

owner of vom Rheinland German Shepherd Dogs