home of the first dog bred in the USA to achieve National
Universal Champion
USA National  Universal Siegerin
V- Manta vom Rheinland SchH3,IPO3,KKL1

017 GSDCA/WDA National Champion ,2018 Working Dog
Itano vom Gimpelwald IPO3
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                At vom Rheinland we strive to breed dogs  with high working abilities very important to us is also
their  versatility .
Dogs that sound working structure along with good health and temperament .

Rheinländer's  are active partners , on the streets as a Police service dog ,at airports and  
explosive search dogs, in a disaster area as a  Search and Rescue Dog , on the sport field as Schutzhund and
Ringsport dogs ,AKC competition dogs and in homes as family dogs .

We do not  breed for just show ribbons nor for crazy overdrive individuals that can not be lived with . So if your
looking for such a dog your in the wrong place .

If you are looking for a German Shepherd Dog  that is balanced ,confident ,smart and has been bred to do just
about any task ,  then you have come to the right place .
breeder of
1st German Shepherd to achieve North American
Brevet Ringsport Champion
V- Byron vom Rheinland SchH3,HIC,Brevet,KKL1

National  HOT Schutzhund 1 Champion
SG Xander vom Rheinland SchH3

Regional SchH3 Champion
Ukon vom Rheinland SchH3,IPO3,AWD1

IPO-FH National Champion and Regional Universal Champion
competitor in 2 world master tracking events
V- Ace vom Rheinland ,SchH3, FH2, IPO-FH, KKL1

AWDF-FH Champion Pike vom Rheinland IPO3

Regional and/or national /international/competitors
Ukon vom Rheinland SchH3
Manta vom Rheinland SchH3
Xanti vom Rheinland SchH1
Ace vom Rheinland SchH3
Evan vom Rheinland SchH3
Gator vom RheinlandSchH3
Immo vom Rheinland SchH3
Pike vom Rheinland IPO3
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